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Term 3 - Week 1 Writing Goals

In Term 3 we will be focusing on our writing goals! We have a new wall display up which is going to help us improve our writing. Every time we achieve one of these goals it will build towards each student having there name against each achieved goal. By the end of the year each student will aim to have their name on each goal.

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Week 10 - Combined Drumming Item

Our final week of Term 2 was busy! We worked with Rm6 and Rm 7 to contribute to a massive percussion item!

Week 10 - NGO Expo Day

Today was our NGO Expo Day! Our class was split into groups and they all choose a charity to support.
They made displays and presentations about why their NGO was the best one to pick.
The Year 7 & 8s were the judges and each student was given $50,000 note to give to the most convincing charity.
Brian, Ramsey, Sione Taufa were the winners in our class with $250,000

Week 9 - GGT

Click here to watch the video highlights of GGT 2017!

Week 9 - Poetry

We have been doing poetry all week! Everyday we have been working on different types of poetry. Before we write independently, we use whiteboards in groups of three to write our poems.Click here to some below. 

Week 8 - Contributing